>>> Sergey S Lukin

> Who are you?

I'm a self-motivated web developer who's well-versed in JavaScript, front-end development, and programming fundamentals.

> So what's your background?

Mostly self-study, built on top of a few CS courses I took at the University of Washington, Seattle. Namely, the Uni courses covered programming fundamentals and data structures using Java(here and here), as well as one course on web development. I'm currently working through Free Code Camp's Data Visualization program, having already earned their Front-End certificate. In addition, I'm taking more courses through udemy.com, currently learning about NodeJS and the finer points of JavaScript.

Though I've got a degree in Civil Engineering and worked in that industry for a couple of years, I found web development and working with data to be much more interesting and fulfilling.

> Have you built anything?

Here's a link to my Projects page.

My most ambitious project to date is a site I made for displaying a client's webcomics, art, and flash animations. It's written mostly in PHP, with jQuery filling in the gaps.

There's also a large and growing handful of random web apps I built mostly as proof-of-concepts. Take a look! And do contact me if you have any questions.